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COLLECTIVE is an exclusive creative community that supports and champions emerging creative talent like you—and your friends, colleagues, peers.

It’s an online platform where you can learn new skills from some of the world’s most renowned creators, and then turn around and use that learning to make cool content that can score you awesome studio swag and lucrative project grants.

Everyone is invited to share their creative content to COLLECTIVE’s global audience.


Currently, COLLECTIVE is available to anyone residing in the United States, UK, France, Germany and Netherlands.

Our goal is for COLLECTIVE to be universally inclusive and we are working hard to add more countries as quickly as possible.

Why did LaCie launch COLLECTIVE?

There are four main reasons:

  1. We believe that creativity and the arts are underfunded and under-supported in general. COLLECTIVE is our way of creating opportunities for talented creators to develop their craft and do more of what they love while receiving professional support.
  2. We believe that our marketing budget should be spent on creating these opportunities for talented creators who may not otherwise have access to professional learning, feedback, and exposure.
  3. We believe in building better relationships with our customers and the creative community at large. Regular interaction is important to us. COLLECTIVE is a great way for us to hear more from you, which is the most authentic way for us to become better at what we make and how we complement your creative aspirations.
  4. We believe in the importance and power of great content. We’re passionate about storing and protecting creativity, and are continuously amazed and humbled by the work created in conjunction with our products. We want to celebrate your work and help showcase it to the world.

What are Contests?

Each month, we invite a new Resident Pro to share important lessons they’ve learned through a short series of videos accompanied by a specific challenge to create a piece of content that demonstrates an understanding of the relevant skill, which ultimately showcases your unique creativity. Because the best learning experiences involve practicing what you’ve learned!

The Resident Pro will review all submissions, select a winner, and share the winning submission on their social channels. Winners receive impressive swag and lucrative project grants that elevate their creative productions.

COLLECTIVE also hosts an annual short film contest, PushPlay, as well as many other contests throughout the year. Details for every contest are posted in the Contests section of COLLECTIVE as they become available.

Over time, the work you submit to Contests improves your visibility within COLLECTIVE and increases your chances of becoming a Contributing Pro.

What are Skills?

Skills content is focused on helping community members refine their craft and ultimately make successful careers out of a creative profession. Instead of slogging through all the online platforms looking for the best instructional materials, we curate a high-quality content experience by sourcing unique perspectives and experiences specifically from the creative community.

We look for top-tier creative professionals who can create content that imparts the technical (workflow, equipment), commercial (networking, marketing, hustle, social media), and creative lessons you need to learn and develop your craft.

What are Projects?

The Projects section showcases completed work, sizzle reels, portfolios, and more. This section gives you and other members of COLLECTIVE exposure, since it spotlights work we like from the platform and our social channels. We also look at Projects to help determine candidates for Contributing Pros.

Are community members incentivized to publish content about LaCie in COLLECTIVE?

No. COLLECTIVE is not a place for brands (including LaCie) to market products. The only notifications or messages you’ll receive from us are ones relating to the community—new contests, content, events, and the like.

From time to time, we partner with supportive brands that can elevate our community members and give back in meaningful, lucrative ways.

What do the various user titles mean?

Creative Pro

Everyone who signs up enters as a Creative Pro. Creative Pros get access to all of COLLECTIVE’S content, contests, and events. They can build out a profile and through continuous community engagement become a Contributing Pro.

Contributing Pro

Contributing Pros are manually selected by COLLECTIVE Community Managers (see Can I become a Contributing Pro?). They will have a completed COLLECTIVE profile and regularly engage with the community through contest participation, events and general interaction with the platform. They will have a capability, and desire to create a velocity of Skills content and earn rewards in the form of gear and project grants in exchange for their contributions to the community.

Resident Pro

Resident Pros are globally respected filmmakers and videographers who we invite into COLLECTIVE to share their stories, their expertise, and engage with the community over a term of residency. At the start of each month, a Resident Pro will set the community a challenge to create a piece of unique content that they will review and select a winner. As often as possible, we’ll organize COLLECTIVE meetups, AMAs, workshops, and invite Resident Pros to attend for live interaction with the community.

Are Contributing Pros compensated for creating Skills content?

Yes. There are a number of factors we look at when considering Contributing Pros. Mainly, we’re looking for creatives who can teach the community something interesting or share a unique perspective in an engaging way. If you feel like you have something valuable to say about the creative process and would like to be compensated for contributing to COLLECTIVE, please...

We have a limited number of active Contributing Pros at any given time, so if you don’t get selected right away, keep engaging with the community through participation in monthly contests, sharing and liking, and communicating with other members. Your visibility will increase, and your work will speak for itself.

What are the benefits of being a Contributing Pro?

  • Be compensated for creating Skills content
  • Elevate your personal brand
  • Have your work exposed to a global audience
  • Receive free LaCie products to test and review
  • Gain exclusive access to Resident Pros
  • Get invited to exclusive meetups
  • Grab opportunities to work with LaCie and other brands on global marketing campaigns

Are Resident Pros compensated?


How are Resident Pros selected?

When it comes to selecting Resident Pros, we are community led. If we see demand from COLLECTIVE for a certain creative professional, we’ll do everything we can to reach out and partner with them for a residency and add them to the calendar. So let us know who you’d like to see!

What are Office Hours

These are hours we schedule for Resident Pros to be available in COLLECTIVE for interaction with our online community or at a live meetup.

Does COLLECTIVE host community events?

Yes. We bring COLLECTIVE on the road to host screenings, meetups, workshops, live interviews with Resident Pros, and much more. Take a look at the Events page to see what’s coming up, and please let us know if you have an idea for a COLLECTIVE event.


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Join COLLECTIVE and unlock all its content and features for free, forever.

COLLECTIVE is a new community for creatives. It's your connection to making it in your industry. Enter contests, learn new skills and explore outstanding creative work from peers across the globe.

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Join COLLECTIVE, our community of passionate creatives, and unlock all its content and features for free, forever. Enter contests like PushPlay, learn new skills and explore outstanding creative work from peers across the globe.


Once you've signed up to COLLECTIVE, take a look at the PushPlay entry pack, it will give you the low-down on what it is exactly that our judges will be looking for from a winning entry.

Submit your short film

Don't forget to make sure your film has been uploaded to VIMEO and keep the link (URL) to hand. We watch every entry and will send you an email once your video has been approved. Best of luck!

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